Vertical form-fill-seal packaging machines produce pillow packs, three-side seals, four-side seals, and irregular-shaped or gusset sachets or pouches. These packs are automatically filled and vertically packaged before being hermetically sealed.
Our vertical form-fill-seal packaging machines cover various applications and can be customised according to your production needs. All individual unwinder, pouch former, and dosing-sealing modules that comprise our vertical form-fill-seal packaging machinery are available in different versions based on your production requirements.


Vertical form-fill-seal packaging machines are well-suited to pharmaceutical, confectionery, coffee, dairy, individually quick frozen, and chemical industries for the packaging of various kinds of leavened foodstuff, candies and snacks like peanuts and seeds, dried meats, pet food and treats, coffee, starch, other ground powder products, meat and poultry, etc.


How it works

Vertical form-fill-seal packaging machines feed a reel of polyethylene terephthalate (PET)/ polyethylene (PE), biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), or laminated packaging film over a forming tube to set the bag width for forming the film into the desired packaging size. Next, the bottom and vertical seals are applied where the two edges of the film meet. Finally, the bag length is automatically controlled through the machine’s programming, either by printed eye mark or set repeat length.

Since the vertical form-fill-seal packaging machines are synchronised to an auger, multi-head scale, or volumetric filler, dosing and filling are done automatically once a bag is available. Sensors relay when a bag is filled accurately before the top seal is applied and the bag is cut away. Depending on each package’s function, additional batch/expiration dates, tear notches, or hole punches may be applied.

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