Tube fill and seal machines in South Africa are designed to effectively fill and seal many forms of liquid or paste products within a laminated plastic, polyfoil, or aluminium tube. These machines allow differentiated tube feeding to suit individual requirements. They can be integrated into any new or existing production line to fill and seal tubes of various shapes and sizes.

Our tube fill and seal machines cover various applications and can be customised according to your production needs. Additional stirring devices, saddle folding equipment, or other individual modules comprising our filling and sealing machines are available in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic versions according to your production requirements.

Tube Fill And Seal Machines


Regardless of the viscosity of the substances or liquid being filled, tube fill and seal machines can easily be integrated into several production sectors such as pharmaceutical, FMCG, cosmetics and chemical industries.

Any viscous substance like an ointment, cream, syrup, sauce and paste, shampoo and liquid soap, lotion, serum, glue, paint, and viscous pesticide are suited to tube fill and seal packaging.


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Tube Fill And Seal Machines

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