Our horizontal form-fill-seal packaging machines cover various applications and can be customised according to your production needs. All individual unwinder, pouch former and dosing-sealing modules that comprise these horizontal form-fill-seal packaging machines are available in different models based on your production requirements.

horizontal form fill and seal packaging machine


Horizontal form-fill-seal packaging machines are used in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), pharmaceutical, cosmetic, fine chemical, and agrochemical industries for the packaging of granular, powder, and liquid or paste goods like milk powder, seasoning, glucose, fine white sugar, chemical materials, soup powder, pesticide, fertiliser, sauces, etc.


How it works

Horizontal form-fill-seal packaging machinesproduce a pouch using the onboard forming system from a packaging material roll. Next, the provided substrate travels through the machine horizontally, where the filling is applied from the top before the open end of the package is hermetically sealed to avoid leakage. Additionally, pre-made pouches can also be used on this horizontal form-fill-seal packaging machinery.

Horizontal form fill and seal packaging machine diagram

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Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal packaging Machine

Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Packaging Machine

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