A bottle filler-capper-labeller machine can be a semi or fully-automated production line machine used to integrate the process of dosing or filling, screw capping, and labelling various viscous and non-viscous products efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our bottle filler-capper-labeller machines cover several applications and can be customised according to your production needs. For example, auxiliary equipment like airtight protective covers, bottle rinsers, feeding and collection turntables, temperature and abrasion-proof tubes, and date coders can be supplied on request according to your production requirements.

Bottle Filler Capper Labeller Machine

Packaging Applications

The bottle filler-capper-labeller machine, also known as a compact filling line, is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, veterinary, food and beverage, cosmetic, and automotive industries for the packaging of goods like sauces, drinks, viscous medication, cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning chemicals, oil and lubrication products, greases, etc.


How it works

Equipped with a bottle-feeding turntable, this machine uses dual-track conveying and a pneumatic bottle positioning system to align bottles accurately in the filling station. Depending on the product used for filling, multiple piston pump filling valves or peristaltic pumps will fill containers in various quantities.

Fitted with an additional pneumatic shut-off valve to prevent overfilling or spilling, the containers are moved along by automatic rail controls to be capped. The advanced auto-feeding star-wheel capper then places caps onto multiple containers before they are simultaneously pressed and screwed down. Once complete, the sealed containers are transported to a microcomputer-controlled labeller that accurately regulates the label application stage for optimal label adherence. After that, the high-tech driving system moves the finished containers through an out-feeder to a collection turntable for bulk packaging and distribution.

Bottle Filler Capper Labeller Machine

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